Elite 2000/2500 Nissan Skyline R32/33/R34 GT-R Plug’n’Play Adaptor Harness


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    This adaptor plugs directly into your Haltech Elite ECU and has a set of factory connectors on the other side which plug straight into the factory harness. A quick and easy plug’n’play upgrade solution.
    • This harness when installed in conjunction with a Haltech Elite ECU opens the door to virtually limitless performance modification and tuning of your vehicle.
    • Fully programmable systems allow you to extract all the performance from your engine by delivering precisely the required amount of fuel and ignition timing that your engine requires for maximum output under all operating conditions.
    • The quick start guide will walk you through installation of the Haltech Plug’n’Play adaptor into your vehicle.
    • When purchased as a kit with a Haltech ECU, this product is accompanied by the full ECU manual and Software located on the CD or USB key.
    • Idle Control (BAC)
    • Thermofan
    • Tachometer
    • A/C Request And Control
    • Engine Control Relay
    • Injector MFD
    • Fuel Pump
    • Power Steering Switch
    • Knock Sensors 1 & 2
    • Wastegate Control
    • AFM Front & Rear
    • Coolant Temperature Sensor
    • Air Temperature Sensor
    • O2 Sensor Front & Rear
    • Check Engine Light
    • Throttle Position Sensor
    • Ignition Input
    • Vehicle Speed Sensor
    • Nissan Variable Cam System (RB25DET only)
    • Variable High And Low RPM/Load Fuel Pump Voltage Control
    • ATTESA AWD (TPS Output)


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