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    The NEXUS PD16 is Haltech’s new powerdistribution product. Boasting new, innovativeyet user-friendly technology, it sets a new marketstandard for power distribution systems.Designed to integrate seemlesslyinto your existing Haltech Eliteor Nexus engine managementsystem, the PD16 ensures safe,dependable power delivery toyour vehicle.* Compatible with Haltech Elite and Nexus ECUs ONLYDoes not function as a stand-alone PDM.

    • 10 x High Side Outputs
    • 2 x Half Bridge Outputs
    • 4 x 25A High Current Outputs
    • 8 x Inputs + Dedicated Ignition Switch Input
    • Power for Ignition Switch
    • Integrated into Haltech CAN Bus Network
    • 5V Sensor Supply / Sensor Ground
    • 120A SurLok Connector


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